Outpatient Robotic Knee Replacement


At Mountain Valley Orthopedics, your safety, health, and recovery continue to be our top priority. Dedicated to offering you the latest, evidence-based treatment options designed for your safety, convenience, and symptom relief, we proudly offer outpatient, or same-day, robotic knee replacement with your robotic joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Roger Componovo.

Dr. Componovo is a fellowship-trained adult joint reconstruction surgeon who specializes in total joint replacement surgery, including minimally invasive, complex, and revision hip and knee replacements. He offers innovative, advanced procedures and has completed additional training and certification in robot-assisted knee replacement as well as anterior hip replacement to minimize pain and recovery time. 

What Is Outpatient Robotic Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement, or total joint arthroplasty, is an advanced treatment for patients who suffer from chronic joint pain. A specialty-trained orthopedic surgeon will remove damaged portions of the patient's joint and replace them with an implant that will allow the patient to use the joint again with reduced pain and improved strength and function. 

Performed on an outpatient basis, robotic knee replacement at Mountain Valley Orthopedics allows you to walk with your new joint implant the same day of your procedure without any need for a hospital stay. This is achieved through the added precision and minimally invasive techniques Dr. Componovo uses with robotic assistance. 

Robotic knee replacement is just like traditional total knee replacement, where the two main portions of the knee are replaced with a prosthetic knee joint. Unlike other forms of knee replacement surgery, however, you will have a 3D surgical plan built for you based on your own knee's anatomy prior to your robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery. Using this plan and real-time data provided by the robotic system, Dr. Componovo can guide a robotic-arm assistant to easily and accurately place your unique implant for a new knee and a new lease on life.

Am I a Candidate for Same-Day Robotic Knee Replacement?

Most healthy patients with the following symptoms may benefit from robotic-assisted total knee replacement:

  • Grinding sensations in the knee joint when walking or moving the knee
  • Knee pain that makes it difficult or impossible to crouch down or kneel
  • Knee pain that makes it difficult to sleep
  • Pain in the knee joint that is no longer relieved by medications or other nonsurgical treatments 

Severe degeneration in the knee joint may require different treatments based on the extent of the damage in the knee and other individual factors. The first step to conquering knee pain is meeting with a joint specialist who can provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that will work for you and your unique needs. 

If you're interested in robotic knee replacement and want to know your options, Dr. Componovo is available for consultation in East Stroudsburg, TobyhannaBrodheadsville, or Milford. Call (570) 421-7020 for an appointment.

What to Expect With Same-Day Robotic Knee Replacement at Mountain Valley Orthopedics

Performed at the state-of-the-art Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center, robotic-assisted knee replacement with Dr. Componovo is available for patients with knee arthritis who meet certain criteria. Within hours after surgery, you’ll leave the surgery center and return to the comfort of your own home. But the benefits don’t stop there.

With same-day robotic surgery, you’ll enjoy:

  • The comfort of your own home—recover with family 
  • Reduced risk of COVID—less public exposure
  • Faster recovery—minimally invasive approach 
  • A dedicated Transition Team to assist with your arrival at home—no need to worry
  • Skilled physical therapists to ensure your progress

To see if you’re a good candidate for same-day knee replacement with Dr. Componovo, call (570) 421-7020 to schedule an appointment in East Stroudsburg, TobyhannaBrodheadsville, or Milford or request an appointment online.