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Average Rating: 4.95 (1,723 reviews)
“Dr. McDonald and team are  amazing.    He performed my bunion surgery as well as treated me for plantar fasciitis and I always felt like I was in great hands.    I would recommend Dr. McDonald and the Mountain Valley practice to anyone who wanted a great doctor along with a warm and friendly office experience.”
– Claire M.
“Always have a great time at the office, everyone is smiling and very nice. Dr. Componovo is fantastic, he listens and just gives me my shots. Never in there very long, been going to him for years. Very enjoyable experience.”
– Linda B.
“Outstanding physician. Two hips later -  golfing , hiking , swimming , enjoying life again.  Thanks Dr. Componovo.”
– Stephen B.
“Understanding, and great bed side manner...explained things in a way I could understand. Took time to listen. Never felt rushed.”
– Linda S.
“Way back in September of 2015, I never imagined that by May of 2016, I would be the new person I am today. Please know how much I appreciate you and all you have done for me. I often think of you when I list people I am grateful for. As of this date, I am able to resume some of my most loved activities and at a level that I was capable of 15 years ago. It has been an amazing journey into a renewed future for me. Because of you and your expertise, I am pain free and a "free range" senior citizen. This is not enough, but just a gesture of my heartfelt gratitude.”
– Dorothy R.
“I am so glad I had the total knee replacement done. Even a few days after surgery, I did not have the amount of pain I had for years prior. Everything went well right from the doctor's office, right through the procedure and my hospital stay. I would definitely recommend Dr. Componovo and all the staff at Moutain Valley Orthopedics.”
– Catherine L.
“Dr. Barnes is very knowledgeable and very personable. I really like him very much and completely trust him.”
– Louis C.
“I had a sudden attack of a serious infection in a hip that had been replaced 20 years ago with no problems since. Suddenly, I could no longer walk and I was a newcomer to this area with no previous medical connections. Pocono Medical Center spent a day testing me & found sepsis in my hip. Dr. Camponovo was called in on an emergency basis & set up a procedure for an operation to attempt to remove that infection & called in several specialists to consult, as the cause was unknown, but very serious. He was at the hospital every day to check on me with infection specialists. He followed up for 3 months while I was in recovery at home. At all times, he was honest with me about the possibility that the treatment might not work & what treatment may have to follow in the future. He worked very closely with Dr. Gandotra, the infection specialist, & my treatment with him. His instructions for my recovery were very strict & he explained in detail what might happen if I did not follow them. He was also frank about a possibility of a future attack & the drastic treatment for it. I really appreciated his honesty & his strictness about treatment. Some patients like to have their hand held & be told that all is wonderful. I do not. I want to know that my doctor is telling the truth yet showing a concern for my health.”
– Roger D.
“Dr. Barnes is one of my favorite doctors. He is so kind to his patients and spends time with you to hear your problems. He has been trying to solve my knee problems for quite awhile now and has me doing tests and seeing other doctors to get to the problem. He is believing it is coming from my back and just keeps working with you. He did 2 knee operations on me. He is ALWAYS laughing and with a little giggle. Even when you are going to surgery, you know he is close by. His nursing staff is great. So friendly. Always calls you by name. I am always relaxed when I am there and know he will have you laughing. I would and always do recommend him to others.”
– Carol S.
“Excellent care. Very personable. Explains everything in detail.”
– Barbara Q.