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Average Rating: 4.95 (1,706 reviews)
I have been treated at Mountain Valley Orthopedics several times, going all the way back to 2003, when I saw Dr. Powers in the Tobyhanna office for a sprained ankle. The treatment I received was excellent, and I recovered well within the time frame he had expected. I found him a kind and gentle care provider who knew the appropriate treatment for my problem. In 2012 I was treated for a broken heel bone by Dr. Paglia. I received the same careful treatment I had received with Dr. Powers. The heel was back in service in little time. More recently, I have had a few problems that required small surgeries by Dr. Powers. First was trigger thumb release surgery to correct what had become an extremely painful issue in my daily living. Next, he operated on my right wrist to fix the carpal tunnel pain that was interfering with doing my job. Most recently, Dr. Powers fixed the carpal tunnel pain in my left wrist. In all three cases, the surgeries completely alleviated the pain I was experiencing, and the incisions healed well, without incident. I felt and still feel very confident in the expertise and care I received from Dr. Powers. He told me the key is to do the surgery very carefully, taking time to do it right. He also explains exactly how the surgery will be done and asks if I have any questions. I've never had many questions, because of his very clear and thorough explanation of the procedure. I recommend Dr. Powers without reservation to heal your pain issues, whether for something big, like a hip replacement, to something as small as trigger thumb or a sprain. He is a caring doctor who truly listens and knows what treatment is best for your problem.
As a former disbeliever in chiropractic, I came to Dr. Kim a couple of years ago. Suffering from back pain for as long as I can remember, it was my last hope from walking around in pain and living on Advil. Call it a makeover, Dr. Kim has transformed my life where I am able to function without medication and to take care of myself. She is tough love, but if you listen to what she tells you to do, you have a chance at being able to rake leaves, shovel snow, vacuum the house and even walk a few miles. Doesn't sound like fun, to me its wonderful! The things most people take for granted, I'm able to do again. Every so often, I have to use a cane. That's when I know I did too much and need to see Dr. Kim again. She has been there for me, even through times of pure insanity! If you're allowed to call a doctor a friend, she has been that to me. Dr. Kim is one of the kindest people I have ever known and I am so grateful to know her for her caring, knowledge and experience. Thank you Dr. Kim. :-)
I just first want to say that I love the doctor, I think he is excellent. However, I waited almost an hour for my sons appointment. Unacceptable
Convenient location, friendly and helpful staff, great doctor!
“From the beginning, Dr. Williams was very professional and had excellent beside manner. He gave confidence and his care was outstanding. I feel great and can finally sleep through the night. All my numbness and tingling and pain are completely gone. He saved my life.”
– Ralph A.
“I am making very good progress with my total knee replacement thanks to your expertise as a fine surgeon, Dr. Componovo. I delayed having it done but I am glad I finally agreed. I can now look forward to spending a great deal of time outdoors and volunteering. Thank you for giving me back the mobility to return to an active lifestyle. You're the best!”
– Janice P.
“I can clean my house without pain. I can do my exercise class and workout without any pain!”
– Barbara M.
“Dr. Componovo was recommended by one of his patients who had his knees replaced. I had a partially torn meniscus and had no idea what to expect. The entire staff was professional and engaging. The doctor was conservative in my treatment and explained everything including any options I would have. Eventually I was in physical therapy and to this day I have and practice my exercises and am fine (I could return to bowling in a short time). One additional note is that when I was going to see if a cortisone shot would help, I said I was extremely nervous about shots, and the doctor called in one of his nurses to help me through the tough part.  Further, the PT who brought me a knee brace explained everything about it for me.”
– Joan S.
“I saw Dr. Barnes after returning from a vacation which involved a lot of walking ... and a lot of knee pain (both knees but more right than left). In fact, I found myself close to tears at times and had to ice my knee almost every night. The throbbing was so bad, I had difficulty sleeping. I knew from a previous doctor that my right knee was very arthritic and I had been told previously that it would likely need a knee replacement at some point. Dr. Barnes confirmed that diagnosis, but he offered an interim solution ... Euflexxa gel injections. He told me many patients have success with the injections, so I decided to give it a try in my right knee.   The Euflexxa injections were virtually painless. I have since taken another vacation with a lot of walking and had absolutely no pain or swelling. What a difference!  I am truly amazed. I've even begun exercising again. I will certainly be back in 6 months and next time will have both knees done.”
– Karen M.
“I think Dr. Powers is an excellent doctor. He was prompt, had fine bedside manners, encouraging, and was to work with me. I recommend him always to other people with similar problems.”
– Derek O.