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Average Rating: 5 (4,456 reviews)
I just first want to say that I love the doctor, I think he is excellent. However, I waited almost an hour for my sons appointment. Unacceptable
Convenient location, friendly and helpful staff, great doctor!
“From the beginning, Dr. Williams was very professional and had excellent beside manner. He gave confidence and his care was outstanding. I feel great and can finally sleep through the night. All my numbness and tingling and pain are completely gone. He saved my life.”
– Ralph A.
“I am making very good progress with my total knee replacement thanks to your expertise as a fine surgeon, Dr. Componovo. I delayed having it done but I am glad I finally agreed. I can now look forward to spending a great deal of time outdoors and volunteering. Thank you for giving me back the mobility to return to an active lifestyle. You're the best!”
– Janice P.
“I can clean my house without pain. I can do my exercise class and workout without any pain!”
– Barbara M.
“Dr. Componovo was recommended by one of his patients who had his knees replaced. I had a partially torn meniscus and had no idea what to expect. The entire staff was professional and engaging. The doctor was conservative in my treatment and explained everything including any options I would have. Eventually I was in physical therapy and to this day I have and practice my exercises and am fine (I could return to bowling in a short time). One additional note is that when I was going to see if a cortisone shot would help, I said I was extremely nervous about shots, and the doctor called in one of his nurses to help me through the tough part.  Further, the PT who brought me a knee brace explained everything about it for me.”
– Joan S.
“I saw Dr. Barnes after returning from a vacation which involved a lot of walking ... and a lot of knee pain (both knees but more right than left). In fact, I found myself close to tears at times and had to ice my knee almost every night. The throbbing was so bad, I had difficulty sleeping. I knew from a previous doctor that my right knee was very arthritic and I had been told previously that it would likely need a knee replacement at some point. Dr. Barnes confirmed that diagnosis, but he offered an interim solution ... Euflexxa gel injections. He told me many patients have success with the injections, so I decided to give it a try in my right knee.   The Euflexxa injections were virtually painless. I have since taken another vacation with a lot of walking and had absolutely no pain or swelling. What a difference!  I am truly amazed. I've even begun exercising again. I will certainly be back in 6 months and next time will have both knees done.”
– Karen M.
“I think Dr. Powers is an excellent doctor. He was prompt, had fine bedside manners, encouraging, and was to work with me. I recommend him always to other people with similar problems.”
– Derek O.
“I first met Dr. Componovo as a referral from Dr. Menio who performed two previous knee surgeries for me. But this time we both knew it was time for the replacement. I was in quite a bit of pain, my knee was unstable and was bowing outward with every step. Dr. Componovo and his staff met with me, confirmed the diagnosis and we made plans to have the replacement surgery performed. I was concerned that there was going to be a lot of pain and difficulty, this was after all major surgery and there is a lot of ... let’s call it carpentry, going on to prepare the bones to take the new joint prosthesis. The surgery by comparison to others I have had was a walk in the park. I had my surgery in the late morning and I was walking on it with a walker at about 4:30 that afternoon. I was surprised by how little pain there was and even the swelling was minimal. The next morning when the physical therapist showed up I did a couple of laps around the floor. The crutches were better for me, and I was very mobile. The nurses were not too happy with me because I was walking around my room without calling them. I felt GREAT. I had 6 or 7 prior surgeries in that knee prior including a patellectomy and I have to say this surgery was easier and less painful than all except the cartilage surgeries I had. Had I known I would have had it done sooner. I did run into some difficulty in that I came into the hospital with a blood clot in my lung that I didn't know I had. So the blood thinners made my stay and recovery a bit longer and more involved but all in all a great result. I am one-year post op, and I feel great! I have played rounds of golf and I am without pain in that knee for the first time in years. I also used the physical therapy team at Mountain Valley and the close working relationship that they maintain between patient, doctor and therapist I believe is key to providing the best possible recovery result.  ”
– Joe K.
“After several years of dealing with excruciating pain in what I thought was in my back, I came to Mountain Valley Orthopedics where Dr. Paglia determined my severe pain was actually because of my hips. This was after seeing other doctors in the area, physical therapy elsewhere, acupuncture in New Jersey and having numerous shots in my back. Dr. Paglia referred me to Dr. Roger Componovo and the rest is history. In July 2013, Dr. Componovo performed my right total hip replacement and in August of 2014, he performed my left total hip replacement. There are no sufficient words in my vocabulary to express the deep gratitude I have for the absence of the debilitating pain in both of my hips to Dr. Componovo and each and every person involved in my recovery at Mountain Valley Orthopedics. I still have back, knees and neck pain that I am dealing with (I just had too much fun when I was younger), but it pales to the pain I was in prior to my surgeries. Many people were shocked I didn't go to New York or Philadelphia for my surgeries but the expertise, professionalism and genuine human kindness I have experienced with these people has given me so much more to be thankful for. Thank you again, MVO!!!”
– Paula C.