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Average Rating: 5 (3,169 reviews)
“Great experience and friendly.”
– Rebecca B.
“I would like to take this time to let you know how happy I am with Dr. Componovo and the other professionals at The Lehigh Valley Health Network - Pocono. Due to arthritis for quite a few years, I had a right hip replacement. Dr. Componovo was the orthopedic surgeon who performed the surgery. I am a person who strives for perfection. I thoroughly investigated all of the surgeons in the area, including all of Northeast PA and Lehigh and Northampton counties. Based on a lot of criteria and doing my own homework, I selected Dr. Componovo and I am very delighted I did. From the initial visits, pre-op testing, class, surgery, to the physical therapy and post-op appointments, everything ran exceptionally well. I would say it was a perfect 100%. As one would know, it takes a lot of GREAT PROFESSIONALS WORKING TOGETHER to make this successful and the team at Lehigh Valley Network-Pocono was tremendous. The assistants, nurses, medical assistants, therapists all played an integral part in my experience and recovery. Kathy, Nicole, Rebecca, Michele, Chris, Lee, Frank, Alexa, Beth, Larry (I think I got most of them and sorry if I missed anyone), were all part of this process. Their ability to make me comfortable and their knowledge in their specialized field assured me I made the right decision. Each one of them deserves a big thank you! Also and even though it is usually something a person would not comment on, I would like to mention the food I had at the hospital. Each meal was prepared correctly and it did not taste like "hospital food." I thought it was wonderful and if it was on Yelp, I would rate it 4 stars. My wife even complimented the food was exceptional and she's a finicky eater. She actually ordered off the menu the 2nd day I was there so I know she enjoyed it very much. It's difficult in this busy, hectic world today to accomplish what they all accomplished; to make a patient feel better and be the best they can be. You can tell they all cared about me and that's an awesome feeling when you're the patient. Hats off to all of you who had a part! Today, I do have a different appreciation for hip replacement surgery. It is a difficult surgery and I was humbled by the way Dr. Componovo performed. I have very little swelling, the pain is manageable, and through steady Physical Therapy and excercise, I am using a cane already and off my walker and it has only been 2 weeks and a day from the day of surgery. I would not have believed I would be in this position already. Dr. Componovo knows exactly what he is doing and has the experience to get remarkable results for me, the patient. The day of surgery I asked him to "Bring His A Game" and he did exactly that. I will be selecting Dr. Componovo again as my surgeon for surgery on my other hip. I am very hopeful of the progress I am making and will make in the future. To end, I would give Dr. Componovo and The Lehigh Valley Health Network-Pocono 5 stars and would recommend both of them highly to anyone I know who would need services like mine.”
– Rick S.
“This provider listened to everything I had to say and let me express my concerns without rushing me or making me feel stupid. i appreciate that so much. Was comfortable with him doing my surgery and helping me. Everything turned out perfectly.”
– Sue K.
“Excellent doctor all the way around. Hoping I don't need to see him again, but if i have an ortho problem i will.”
– Bryan S.
“Dr. Menio is great. I've had two surgeries with him and had agreat experience both times.”
– Shawn S.
“Very thoughtful and provided realistic expectations as well as future options.”
– Cameryn P.
“I really appreciate the care that Dr. Cibischino has given me with my problems. He takes the time to listen to all my concerns and takes whatever time is needed to solve them. I know he really cares about me. Thank you, Dr. Cib!!!”
– Jason L.
“Fantastic doctor . Staff was good. Helpful. Thank you.”
– Ron K.
“Doctors Paglia and Componovo in my opinion are a competent and effective doctor team. Their recent treatments to my knee have resulted in a reduction in pain and discomfort. Doctor Paglia has also successfully treated my wife for shoulder pain and my daughter for a dislocated knee. We as a family have total confidence in Dr. Paglia and Dr. Componovo, as they have proven to provide a competent medical service.”
– Archie D.
“Wow! Great experience with a really great doctor. I am hopeful to be better soon!”
– Deb P.