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Average Rating: 5 (3,169 reviews)
“Dr. McDonald and his team helped me during the entire exam process, surgery process and recovery process; constantly checking up on me and making sure that I understand what needed to be done before and after surgery.”
– Thomas M.
“Very nice and professional.”
– Joanne W.
“I had a great experience. I liked Dr. Williams very much. He was friendly, easy to talk to, and always gave me as much time as I needed.”
– Sally W.
“Dr. Menio was awesome! Everything went smoothly! He is a very caring and compassionate doctor along with being very knowledgeable. He always took the time to answer my questions.”
– Linda W.
“Just finished my check-ups. Everyone is great! All of the office people were excellent!”
– Wachowski S.
“The level of care has been nothing other than exceptional. Dr. Componovo is very knowledgeable, friendly, confident and takes all of the time necessary to answer any questions that my husband and I asked. If you are looking for a GREAT (not just good) orthopedic doctor, definitely go to Dr. Componovo.”
– Michael G.
“Dr. Componovo and his staff including Anthony and Kathy have been my providers for both of my total knee replacements. I could not be more pleased with the care I received. From the first time I saw Dr. Componovo I knew he wanted to give me the treatment I needed and to make sure I had the best possible recovery and results. He and his staff explained the process thoroughly and answered all my questions so that I had complete confidence in their abilities. Of course there is pain and work in physical therapy but that was explained to me up front and they provided the pain management to help me through it. I have also received excellent nursing care and physical therapy at home after surgery. I am still in recovery for my left knee but am doing well and making progress. I am so very grateful for my new knees. I am so much stronger and free of 15 years of pain and regaining my mobility. Dr. Componovo has changed my life and I would highly recommend him to others who are struggling with osteoarthritis like me.”
– Linda R.
“I was never kept waiting more than 5 minutes in the waiting room. I was greeted by friendly people and the Doctor was always courteous, gave me clear information, and treated me respectfully. He ordered the appropriate tests to diagnose my problems and treated me accordingly. Physical therapists treated me with the same respect. My recovery was good and I am happy with the way I feel now.”
– Edith C.
“Dr. McDonald and the staff at Mountain Valley Orthopedics were wonderful before and especially after my foot surgery. I appreciate the care and understanding that you provided to me. I would recommend anyone I know to your office for all your Orthopedics services. A special thank you to Diana for helping me through my disability paper work. People don't realize how much the staff does behind the scenes. So i want to say thank you all again.”
– David B.
“I have taken the time to write this memo even though I do not like computers. The reason being is I want Dr. Powers to know how much of a positive impact he has had on me. I came to him in pain and with a deep sadness in my heart because during this time I had to send my walking buddy to heaven after 13.5 years I could not take my daily walks after injuring my knee and I didn't much care to since losing my best friend, Brooklyn. He always had a smile for me with a positive attitude. He always looked me right in the eyes and talked to me not at me. Its unfortunate but many doctors these days don't even take the time to look up at you never mind listen to what ails you. When I went to have my stitches removed he didn't just check my knee he immediately reminded me how to deal with my injury psychologically and how important it is to use mind over matter when recovering. He never left me in pain but he also knew when it was time for me to rely on self determination and not to rely on just drugs for pain relief. Dr. Powers had no way of knowing this but a few years back I had to have heart surgery and I was left in such pain. Moving forward I feared being left in pain more than the surgery itself. He needs to know what a positive powerful impact he has had on me. Not just physically but psychologically !”
– Helen S.