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“Dr. Barnes always demonstrates his understanding of the facts of my medical issues by combining active listening with refocusing. He always reflects back his understanding of my complaints and then he is able to refocus back to problem solving and helping me get started on a treatment that will help me on the road to recovery. Everyone who works with customers, clients, patients or others-either on the phone, online or in person -is challenged to "be the one" to make a difference in the lives of the people they touch each day. Dr. Barnes is so approachable, confident, decisive, intelligent, interested, compassionate and caring- being able to absorb people's pain and anxieties without losing focus, treating patients as a human being rather than a symptom or collection of symptoms. His integrity is without question. He always takes time to listen and communicate honestly and effectively with patients, relatives, staff teams, managers, peers and dignitaries pitched at the appropriate level whilst putting everyone at ease. He seems to have respect for everyone's capabilities and their contribution to his team. Having technical skills, being competent, knowledgeable using evidence based practice. The ability to remain calm and proficient when under pressure and still make clear and timely decisions. I find him to be trustworthy, loyal, dedicated, thorough, a mentor, reliable, respected rather than revered and dedicated to up holding their Hippocratic Oath. I find Dr. Barnes to be a great doctor who knows and remembers his patients and treats them with a kind heart and gentle hands as if they were one of their own family, dedicating his working life of service to creating and preserving health.”
– Jo S.
“In June of 2013 I ruptured my Achilles tendon in my right leg. I walked around for over a month on what I thought was a severe sprain I went to the emergency room. I was then diagnosed with the rupture. I was referred to Mountain Valley Orthopedics, specifically Dr. Patrick McDonald. It was at this time he sent me for an MRI which confirmed that surgery was needed. As a diabetic there were certain conditions that needed to be addressed and working with Dr. McDonald we were on the same page from day one. I had the surgery in August of that year and then developed diabetic pressure wounds on the right leg which then took months to heal. In February I developed an infection on the left foot that due to neuropathy I lost the big toe and the little toe, which has taken until now to finally heal. Dr. McDonald set me on a path that I really needed to follow right from day one and my trust in his treatment has brought me to where I am soon able to wear shoes again. As they say, I am seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel I could not have gotten there without Dr. McDonald's dedication to treat my condition.”
– Salvatore T.
“In 2012 I was suffering from severe back pain so I went to the hospital. They referred me to Mountain Valley Orthopedics. On my first visit to Mountain Valley Orthopedics Dr. Allister Williams did everything he could to try to alleviate my pain without having surgery. After a couple weeks of physical therapy, Dr. Williams decided that I should have a first surgery. I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce the surgery or how to spell it, but things went well for about a month, however the pain came back. I then lost the use of my right leg and I had what they call drop foot. After exhausting all other options it came down to I needed a disc fusion. After fighting with the insurance company with 7 denials, I dropped that insurance company and went with another that Dr. Williams unfortunately did not take. Thankfully, Dr. Williams took it as a special case to work with them on my behalf. This new insurance company denied the first attempt at getting the surgery but Dr Williams and his staff fought very hard to get the surgery approved. I will say this, the day after my surgery I had next to no pain and do have the use of my leg again. It wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Dr. Allister Williams and Mountain Valley Orthopedics. After dealing with all the pain I had for a little over 2 years Dr. Williams has now given my life back to me. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me. He allowed me to get back on my own two feet again. Being able to walk is something that I will never take for granted again. From this day forward if anybody I know has any kind of back problems I will be sending them to Dr. Allister Williams at Mountain Valley Orthopedics!”
– William Q.
“As a believer in the benefits of Chiropractic Care I was seeking a Pocono based provider. When I met Dr. Kim Yarnall at a Pocono Chamber of Commerce meeting I was impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. For 15+ years I have been receiving monthly Wellness Care from Dr. Kim and have not had any major illnesses, and very few minor ones. Every year there are extra sick days that I haven't used at work. The gift of great health is one of the few that we can give to ourselves. Do it, and do it for others too.”
– Terry G.