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Average Rating: 4.95 (1,706 reviews)
“Everything was very professional and my new hip is very good. My next step is maybe a new knee.”
– James K.
“I had both knees replaced in November of 2013 by Dr. Componovo. I was in the hospital for two and a half days and in Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at PMC for five days. Eight weeks after the operation, I went on a ten day cruise. Within eight months, I was walking three miles three times a week.”
– Edward F.
“I tore my meniscus in three places when I tripped over my new puppy in 2009. Dr. Menio fixed it. Then in 2014, I tore something in my right knee. The problem did not show up on an x-ray, but Dr. Menio believed me when I explained how much pain I was having and he fixed it. Now it is 2016 and both knees are great. I frequently jog with my horse and walk 1-3 miles a day. I retired in May of 2015 and I am so happy that I can enjoy playing with my horse with no pain to distract me.”
– Sharon P.
“Dr. Williams and his staff helped fix my back problem with surgery (a fusion) and I am good as new. I recommend Mountain Valley Orthopedics and its doctors to all of my friends and family.”
– Linda D.
“Dr. Barnes was extremely helpful with my finger problem. The experience was exceptional. His personality and desire to share information was perfect.”
– George N.
“I have had both hips replaced and more recently, arthroscopic knee surgery, all done by Dr. Powers, and am absolutely thrilled with the results. Dr. Powers is and has been wonderful in his diagnosis and subsequent surgeries, in addition to his follow-up therapy programs. I would not hesitate to recommend Mountain Valley Orthopedics and Dr. Powers to anyone.”
– John F.
“Thorough exam and imparted the particulars of the case very well.”
– Mike O.
“Dr. Componovo gave me a complete left hip replacement. Surgery was in the morning and in the afternoon I was up walking around. I enjoyed a complete meal at night and never had to take one pain pill. I was back driving in three weeks. I went to physical therapy and completed it within a couple of weeks and I haven't had an ounce of pain. This staff in the office is friendly, efficient, and courteous. I would recommend Mountain Valley Orthopedics to anyone that asks. As a matter of fact, I have recommended many people to them already.”
– Patricia L.
“I had sciatica and was in quite a miserable state. In order to even walk, I had to bend over 90 degrees and walk face down. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurses and especially Dr. Barnes, was understanding and very helpful in getting me the treatment necessary in order to overcome this very painful situation. The x-rays and MRI were quickly scheduled and I was able to have treatment very quickly. Many thanks to all of you.”
– James G.
“I received a brand new titanium hip on 02/02/15. Having never been in a hospital for anything major, the thought of this surgery made me very uneasy. However, after talking with Dr. Componovo, I felt reassured and more at ease. The entire experience, from the pre-op testing straight through the surgery, recovery, and therapy, went so well. I was at ease and in peace the entire time. I think back upon this entire procedure and feel a certain sense of awe. First, because I had never dreamed of having to go through such a major, radical change to my body, but more importantly, that I feel so incredibly good. This surgery was absolutely worth it and I am in better shape now than in the last 15 years. Throwing the football around with my kids and grandkids is a pure joy. All my thanks to Dr. Componovo, Nikki, Kathy, and the rest of his staff. Also, to all the great people at Pocono Medical Center. God bless you all.”
– Robert G.