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“I had been putting off a knee replacement for a while now and I'm kicking myself. Dr. Componovo and Kathy were amazing and super organized. Everything I needed to do was laid out for me and I just had to run the list. This was my 8th or 9th surgery on that knee, so it was not your typical surgery. Dr. Componovo took the time to explain exactly what would be done and what would happen and when. The surgery went perfectl,y and even when the hospital discovered a blood clot in my lung (that I came into the hospital with and had no idea it was there), he changed my care and adjusted my therapy to help keep the process going smooth! From a pain perspective until the treatment for the blood clot came into play, I had much less pain than I was expecting. In fact, this surgery was less painful than my quad tendon rupture repair and my patellectomy. This must be due to the care and consideration for patient comfort that goes into the procedure. If you have to have joint replacement surgery, this is the place to have it done and the doctors to do it! I can't thank them enough for their incredible care and bedside manner. Just fantastic!”
– Joe K.
“Very professional with great experience.”
– William M.
“I was fine one day and the next, fell down, unable to stand on my right leg. I had a hip replacement there 20 years ago and it was found that a sepsis had suddenly occurred. Dr. Camponovo was assigned and he determined that it had to be removed immediately and it was done. However, he discovered that cement was used and wasn't sure that the infection had been completely removed. I think I saw every infectious disease doctor in Monroe County until it was discovered that it was a common source of infection from my mouth. Six weeks of antibiotic injection at home via a PICC line and complete rest. Gradual increase in exercise activity through Mountain Valley Orthopedics, and I was mobile once more. Four weeks after that, I am completely well with normal mobility. Still, Dr. Camponovo is not convinced that the infection is completely gone, just suppressed, though my SED rate is nearly normal. I am still taking amoxicillin daily as a precaution. Dr. Camponovo has warned that if the infection returns, drastic measures will have to be taken to remove it over a period of three - four months. I am grateful not only for his competence, but also for his up front, no-nonsense honesty.”
– Roger D.
“I came to MVO thinking that I had arthritis of the knee. Even before my MRI, Dr. Componovo spoke with me about the ailments that brought me to your facility. In speaking with him, he stated that it appeared to be something other than arthritis. Specifically, Dr. Componovo said that he believed that I may have a torn meniscus. The MRI was scheduled, which by the way was effortless since this service was offered at the same location as the office visit. Upon review of the results, Dr. Componovo's initial assessment was confirmed. At that point, Dr. Componovo thoroughly reviewed treatment options with me. He systematically described the pros and cons associated with each treatment. I selected a minor surgical procedure. The staff at MVO were organized and knowledgeable as they prepared me for surgery. It has only been one week since the surgery and I am amazed by the remarkable results! I followed Dr. Componovo's post surgery instructions and I'm practically walking normal already. Dr. Componovo and his staff have been superb from beginning to end.”
– Deborah S.
“Besides doing a great job with my hip, Dr. Componovo is a special, very compassionate man. He taught me that we can only ever do our best. And as long as we do that, we can have peace and let go of any regrets. I have remembered that since meeting him and experiencing his medical expertise. It has helped me greatly release "regrets." I know in my heart that I did my very best at that time. Thank you, Dr. Componovo! Easter blessings!”
– Carole S.
“Great experience. He was thorough, caring, and showed interest. I would highly recommend him to my friends and already have.”
– Karen C.
“Everything was very professional and my new hip is very good. My next step is maybe a new knee.”
– James K.
“I had both knees replaced in November of 2013 by Dr. Componovo. I was in the hospital for two and a half days and in Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at PMC for five days. Eight weeks after the operation, I went on a ten day cruise. Within eight months, I was walking three miles three times a week.”
– Edward F.
“I tore my meniscus in three places when I tripped over my new puppy in 2009. Dr. Menio fixed it. Then in 2014, I tore something in my right knee. The problem did not show up on an x-ray, but Dr. Menio believed me when I explained how much pain I was having and he fixed it. Now it is 2016 and both knees are great. I frequently jog with my horse and walk 1-3 miles a day. I retired in May of 2015 and I am so happy that I can enjoy playing with my horse with no pain to distract me.”
– Sharon P.
“Dr. Williams and his staff helped fix my back problem with surgery (a fusion) and I am good as new. I recommend Mountain Valley Orthopedics and its doctors to all of my friends and family.”
– Linda D.