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Average Rating: 4.95 (2,266 reviews)
“Dr. Barnes performed four hand surgeries for me. My hands have never felt better. His bedside manner and friendly personality kept me coming back for successive procedures. Even recommended him to a dear friend and she's happy too.”
– Bonnie T.
“Many, many years ago, my best friend had a horrible car accident and needed emergency surgery. Her foot was pretty much on backwards and her ankle needed major repair. I had never seen anything like this before. That is when I met Dr. Menio. He was the doctor on call that night. He reassured her husband and myself and left us to take care of her. When he came back to us, he told us that the surgery had gone well and that with plenty of therapy, she would be up and walking in no time. He was so confident and full of good news. I had been so sure that he would have bad news for us. That she would be in a wheel chair for a year, or worse. But no. This doctor who we had just met, had put my best friend's foot and ankle back together and he was going to make her walk. Miraculous after what I had seen! That was about 25 years ago. I have probably told this story as many times as that. I have never looked or even thought of going to another orthopedic doctor in all these years. I have recommended Dr. Menio too many times to count. He has always taken excellent care of my whole family. What more can I say? We are extremely lucky to have Dr. Menio in our life.”
– Marsha P.
“Dr. Barnes treated me for several issues, including bilateral knee replacement surgery. He was absolutely wonderful. He is a great doctor and has a great bedside manner and he is extremely funny. I have since moved to New Jersey, but will travel back to Pennsylvania in April for my two year bilateral knee check-up. I am extremely happy with him and his staff.”
– Jacqueline L.
“Great care. Took time to explain everything. Made me feel like an important patient, not just a number.”
– Jan A.
“I had a very good experience at Mountain Valley Orthopedics. I had a total hip replacement. I was in a lot of pain before the surgery. Now I can say I'm pain free. I was worried about the surgery. To tell you the truth – scared. But it all went so smoothly. My family and I couldn't believe how well it went. I was actually walking the next day. Sure, I had a walker, but I could feel the difference right away, and with home therapy, I was on my way to a pain free hip. I feel so appreciative of Dr. Componovo and his staff. They were great. They answered all of my questions before and after the surgery. They were very caring. Dr. Componovo is an excellent surgeon in my opinion, and I would recommend him to anyone, and I have. Some members of the church I attend have had knee and double hip replacements and are all doing fine. Also, I'm a Vietnam Veteran who has medical issues that are serious and it all went well for me.”
– Tommy M.
“When I called into the office where I had been seen previously, it was about an urgent situation. I was experiencing a flare up of an ongoing problem and I was not at home. The office staff could not fit me into the schedule at the location close to my home, but found an immediate appointment for me at a site closer to where I was working and also WITH the physician familiar with my case. This made life easier for me. Dr Primiano was able to diagnose and treat with accuracy and immediacy, and I was able to get relief and return to work without losing work time. Can't say enough good things about Mountain Valley Orthopedics. Once again, recognized my concern and need and treated it.”
– Loretta K.
“I've had three occasions where I had Dr. Barnes as my attending physician and each time, he has been spot on. Very friendly and talks to me as a person, not at me as a patient. I trust him wholeheartedly.”
– David T.
“I can walk again! It was a sad Christmas Eve for me when I slipped on wet grass and tore my quadricep tendon, but thank God there were great people to help put me back together! I am so thankful for the expert surgical hands of Dr. Menio and the wonderful physical therapy team at Mountain Valley Orthopedics! It was a year long process of healing, but I am so happy to be back on my feet and biking again!”
– Donna V.
“Every time I have an appointment with Dr. Williams, the receptionist is very pleasant, and then when the nurse comes to get me for the examining room, she is also very pleasant. When Dr. Williams comes into to the room, he is always so nice and I know with some patients that could make a doctor grumpy by the afternoon, but no matter what time my appointment is, he is always upbeat, and he really seems to be concerned about my problem.”
– Elizabeth O.
“I have been seeing Dr. Powers since Mountain Valley Orthopedics opened. I have a rare brittle bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, to which I have broken many bones in my life. Well, when I do break a bone, I know Dr. Powers will be there for me with his caring way about him. He is very professional and knowledgeable about all the bones in your body. I know that my bone will heal correctly when he treats me. His staff are all great too! This is the place to go when you have a broken bone!”
– Darla V.