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Average Rating: 4.95 (1,723 reviews)
“I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee and let me tell you that I was very happily surprised that the pain after the surgery was very minimum. Dr. Barnes is not only an excellent doctor, but he has a terrific bedside manner. He is also a part time comedian. Thanks, Doc.”
– Charles D.
“Referred from emergency room for severely swollen left calf. A couple weeks later, bad pain and weakness in both knees. After a couple visits for the severely swollen calf plus now knee pain, he asked for new contrast MRI and x-ray and blood tests. He discovered that I had Lyme Disease! After one week on antibiotics, my knees were much better – finished regimen of antibiotics and several weeks later am recovered! His intuition/experience was EXCELLENT.”
– Charles C.
“Doctor came in to hospital on a Sunday to see me. Ditched his family to see how I was doing 4 or 5 hrs. Later I was operated on. The follow-up every day he came in to see me personally, and PA came later to check on my progress. I was told by Dr. Williams any time there's a problem, come in and he would see me because I live 260 miles away. Doing fine one year later, back to work, not bad for a guy who could not walk a couple of days.”
– Phillip G.
“Wonderful, intelligent, and empathetic physician. He does something that most doctors do not do; he listens to his patients and he actually hears them. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that he prescribed a treatment plan for me that worked. I can not say enough about him. I highly recommend this efficient, caring physician and his office personnel.”
– Emma M.
“Dr. Barnes is very honest in his conversations. He is open to what I have to say and listens.”
– Maryann C.
“I was experiencing severe lower back pain when I started seeing Dr. Williams. He performed an L4/L5 fusion surgery on my back last year, and I am now fully recovered and doing very well! In past years, I have also seen Dr. Powers for a right shoulder injury and Dr. Paglia for a left knee injury. Both doctors helped me fully recover from those injuries as well.  I wholeheartedly recommend Mountain Valley Orthopedics for their excellent care and results.”
– Linda V.
“Just want to say my experience with Mountain Valley Orthopedics was a good one. Everyone was truly very nice. Dr. Powers was very nice and answered any and all questions. Explained every step he was taking, granted it was only a broken wrist, but what ever he planned to do, he explained. Want to thank the doctor and staff for the great visits.”
– Margaret W.
“Dr. Menio performed a very successful surgery on my left knee for torn cartilage. My recovery was fairly swift for a 65 year-old woman. I started doing knee exercises that were recommended to me by the in-house PT person who gave me an exercise sheet. A few months later, I'm walking as well as before my knee "incident." I was very pleased with Dr. Menio and his PA, Anthony Blundetto, and all the office staff. Thank you all!”
– Meryl O.
“Dr. Componovo replaced both my knees in May 2015, and after following all protocols including physical therapy, I no longer experience the pain in my knees I had for years. I sleep better and can now walk up and down stairs pain free. I can go on long walks with my dog and my knees feel great afterwards. My quality of life has greatly improved. Dr. Componovo and his team were very professional and caring in monitoring me from surgery thru recovery. I am very grateful for the excellent care I received and the concern shown for my improvement. Thank you!”
– Martin M.
“I was a bit embarrassed to come in for an ingrown toenail, which was the result of a bad pedicure a few months before. However, I found the front desk staff to be very welcoming and friendly! I especially appreciated the manner in which Dr. McDonald explained the treatment step-by-step. He also took the time to explain preventative measures to reduce the chance of this happening again. In addition, the MA's cheerful and caring attitude was so calming. I wish I had come in sooner and hadn't waited so long to have it fixed. I ran (well, jogged) a 5k two weeks later, and am happily back in my high (but not too high Dr. McDonald!) heels! Thank you for the great experience!”
– Danielle J.