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“The intention of this letter is to inform you of my experience with the Director of Physical Therapy, Kevin Dougherty, D.P.T. The following is a synopsis of what led to the injury I sustained that resulted in my seeking physical therapy. I had dislocated my right shoulder on November 23, 2018, while in NY, and had it relocated in an ER and was instructed to wear a sling for two weeks. Upon returning home the following day, I dislocated the same shoulder again and was taken to St. Luke's Hospital in Monroe County. The second dislocation caused serious injuries and the orthopedic surgeons had a great deal of difficulty relocating my shoulder. I was placed in a restrictive brace and was informed by approximately six surgeons that my injuries were so extensive, that my only recourse was to have immediate surgery. I was transported to St. Luke's in Bethlehem and met with an orthopedic surgeon who substantiated the bleak news that I needed a shoulder replacement, but due to my medical history, the surgeon told me that surgery would be unsafe and I would "endure at least six months of excruciating pain and a very difficult recovery." However, he added that if I were to dislocate my shoulder another time, he would have no choice but to perform the surgery. I was transported to Good Shephard Rehabilitation in Monroe County, where I remained for five weeks. Numerous orthopedic surgeons reiterated countless times that I should not do anything with my right arm or let anyone touch it because they were certain that my shoulder would dislocate again. After rehab, I stayed with my daughter in NY for six weeks because it was impossible for me to care for myself. I met with an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery who informed me that I had three choices; do nothing, do extensive physical therapy for several months, or have a reverse shoulder replacement. He felt that the best option (since I was a high risk for surgery) would be trying physical therapy for several months, even though he acknowledged the realistic possibility that it wouldn't work, and I might ultimately need surgery. While still in NY, I met with a physical therapist at the Hospital for Special Surgery who was extremely pessimistic about physical therapy helping me. He said he personally had never witnessed any patient with the magnitude of my injuries recover through physical therapy and advised me to only see him once per week, as not to use up my insurance benefits because he was convinced that no matter how much therapy I had, I would eventually need the shoulder replacement, followed by physical therapy. I had my initial evaluation with Kevin on February 19, 2019. Kevin was the first (and actually only) person who after assessing my situation, informed me that he thought I had a realistic chance of physical therapy helping me and that perhaps surgery would not be inevitable. It was wonderful and a relief to finally hear one medical professional give me hope with words of encouragement. However, it did cross my mind that how could Kevin be right, and all the other so wrong in their views that surgery would ultimately be necessary. Whatever minuscule doubt I initially had pertaining to Kevin’s optimism, quickly dissipated when I began to see how gifted Kevin is in his field. I don’t even have the words to adequately convey how brilliant Kevin is when it comes to physical therapy. As with any profession, there are skilled, as well as inept and unqualified people performing all sorts of jobs. It was essential for me to trust my physical therapist. There is absolutely. No other physical therapist that I would have let stretch my injured shoulder and arm. I have an infinite amount of trust in Kevin and not once did I fear that whatever stretching and pulling he did with my arm would result in any harm. Throughout my physical therapy, Kevin relentlessly added new exercises for the goal of achieving increased mobility, strength, and range of motion. He would frequently intensify my exercised with greater amounts of weight. I would often ask him if he were joking, thinking how could I possibly have the weight increased so routinely? But Kevin was right, each and every time. He instinctively knew what I was able to do and when certain exercised became easy for me, he inevitably found ways to make them more of a challenge for me to obtain ultimate benefits. Any time I would question any pain I had, he would always remind me how far I had come and how certain movements were previously impossible for me to do and he was absolutely correct and extremely supportive and constantly encouraged me. My initial dislocation was a result of a fall. I felt I couldn’t want up my front step and Kevin made me see that it was the fear of falling, not my inability to actually walk up the step, that prevented me from venturing outside unless I had to. Kevin was right and because of that realization I stopped letting the fear of falling control my movements, which resulted in my freedom to come and go, which was so liberating for me. The reason I initially informed you of what let to my injury and the subsequent statements by surgeons, the physical therapist in NY, my five week stay in a rehab, etc., was not only to inform you of how I sustained by injury, but as a way to express before meeting Kevin, I had lost a great deal of independence, which was devastating for me. Prior to my injury, I had been 100% independent and my fear was that I would never be fully independent again. I had been warned by a multitude of orthopedic surgeons, that I would never, ever be able to place my right arm in abduction with external rotation, because if my arm was ever in that position, they guaranteed me that my shoulder would immediately dislocate again. I was also told that I will have to accept the fact that, with or without surgery, I would never be capable of raising my right arm to reach for a top shelf and retrieve anything. Kevin proved them wrong on both these issues. By the way, Kevin’s intention wasn’t to prove anyone wrong. His only concern was giving me the best care. While stretching my arm one day, Kevin pointed out where my arm was, in abduction with external rotation. It was so exciting to see what Kevin was able to accomplish with me. And pertaining to the incapability I was told about reaching a top shelf, I have no difficulty doing that whatsoever, all thanks to Kevin having me reach high for cones, while wearing wrist weights, which has strengthened my arm tremendously. Kevin is the sole person who was instrumental in my whole recovery process and gaining back my independence in its entirety. Kevin literally gave me back my life. I refer to him as my “miracle worker.” I have truly been privileged to have experienced the expert care I was given by Kevin. In all my life, I have never encountered a medical specialist of any sort, who is as professional, brilliant, creative, compassionate, and empathetic as Kevin. Any time I would question any pain I had, he would always remind me how far I’ve come, and he was certainly right. Kevin goes far above and beyond the criteria of his job requirements. He sincerely cares about his patients and wants the best outcome for all of us. And with all his qualities I listed above, it’s imperative to know how sweet and kind Kevin is too. Throughout the months of my physical therapy sessions, I’ve witnessed how the physical therapy department runs smoothly and professionally under the astute leadership of Kevin. I personally have never seen staff in other places of employment that have a fraction of respect for their bosses, as the employees pertaining to Kevin. Kevin has a unique and rare ability to be in charge and expect everyone to his and her job correctly and professionally, and yet be so well-liked, admired, and respected by his entire staff. He is a phenomenal physical therapist, as well as a wonderful and very special person, and I will be forever grateful to. Him for giving me back my independence and my life. My unsolicited advice is that you, and the entire Mountain Valley Orthopedics powers that be, recognize how unbelievably fortunate you all are to have Kevin, who epitomizes what a magnificent and brilliant physical therapist is all about, be given whatever he unequivocally and justly deserves!”
– Linda M.
“I had back pain for 15 years. It was very hard to walk. I kept praying for the right doctor to help me. When I googled back doctors, his name popped up so I researched him. His schooling was impressive so I made an appointment. He knew right away what was wrong with me and he said, “I can fix that." After seeing him and having surgery, I have no pain. Everything worked out great, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend him.”
– Peter S.
“Dr. Powers is the best Doctor. He was polite, a good listener and well spoken.”
– Alberto V.
“Dr. Paglia is very professional and caring. I always feel that I am getting the best medicinal attention.”
– Richard P.
“I was at the office early. I filled out some information on an iPad. Within one minute I was waiting for the PA -very pleasant and through. Had X-rays then saw Dr. Powers. All questions answered. Very good experience.”
– Karen S.
“He's an absolutely amazing doctor and surgeon! He's great at updating me with the info needed involving my care.”
– Christine W.
“I love Dr. Barnes & Mountain Valley. Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Barnes always takes his time & answers all my questions.”
– Cindy S.
“The staff is friendly and well educated. They expressed concern every time I visited. Doctor Paglia explained everything and answered all questions.”
– Virginia M.
“Very helpful.”
– Dorothy M.
“Dr. McDonald has been very attentive and sympathetic to my situation. He has a wonderful bedside manner that is comforting and not at all intimidating. He always gives me 100% of his attention and answers all my questions. It’s been a long road and I am glad he is my surgeon and would recommend him to anyone with a foot problem.”
– Pennie F.