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“I became a patient of Dr. Frederick Barnes in mid-February. My left shoulder was incredibly painful, my neck and back were painful to the point that some nights I slept two hours, and some nights I didn’t sleep at all. I could not lay on my left side because of the shoulder, and my range of motion of the left shoulder was less than optimal. Sleep was also difficult because I could not find a position of comfort due to the pain in my neck and back. After x-rays and an MRI, I was told there were options, which included injections, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy. We agreed to try Voltaren and Physical Therapy. I began physical therapy with Kevin Dougherty, DPT. Kevin is an amazing person. He possesses intelligence, wisdom, and a rare commodity in this day and age, common sense. The first time I met him in the evaluation, he asked me what I did when it hurt to do something. I said I kept going until the task was done. He asked me, “Next time you are doing something, and it hurts, will you stop doing it?” Then he asked me to do nothing strenuous for the next few days until my next appointment with him. He gave me the exercises to do at home. The next time I saw him my pain level was significantly lower, and by the end of the session on my shoulder, I had 95% range of motion restored. (Felt like 100%, but I was told 95%.) So I saw Dr. Barnes again, and I said, “Kevin fixed my shoulder. What about my neck and back?” Dr. Barnes said it was possible. At that time, Dr. Barnes also suggested I begin using Tumeric, and other anti-oxidants. So I began using Tumeric, Pomegranate Supplements and drinking green tea. Also, at this appointment, my BUN test went from 24 to 35, and I was taken off the Voltaren. I saw Kevin again, and once more, the results were incredible. Simple things like a rolled towel under the neck in the pillowcase, strengthening exercises for the back and core. He even showed my husband how to manipulate my neck when the pain level was high to decrease the pain. I was unable to complete the last visits because I had developed a productive cough and was told by my primary doctor to stay home. But I continued the therapy at home, and still use the therapy at home. I am eternally grateful to Frederick Barnes and Kevin Dougherty. I owe them both a debt I cannot repay. Because of Dr. Frederick Barnes and Kevin Dougherty, the following has occurred: 1. I have range of motion restored in my left shoulder. The pain is gone. I can do whatever I want with my left shoulder, including sleep on it. 2. I am able to move my neck in a much greater range than previously. My pain level at this time is minimal. I am able to sleep much longer because I have a position of comfort. 3. The rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet, and the osteoarthritis in my neck, back, and shoulder are much less problematic, due to the strengthening of the joints, and the use of natural antioxidants, such as Turmeric, Pomegranate Supplements, and green tea. 4. I was able to avoid steroid injections in my shoulder. 5. I was able to avoid the epidurals Dr. Perez wanted to do. By the way, Dr. Perez asked me, the first time I met him, who my “ortho” was. I replied, “Dr. Barnes.” Dr. Perez replied, “Excellent.” 6. I have been off pain medicine completely for over a week. After I left Dr. Barnes's office, I took the remainder of my pain medicine to Dr. Perez’s office and informed him he could remove the scripts he had on file at CVS, because I wouldn’t be filling them. 7. For the last five years, my eye pressure has been 19 in both eyes. Each of those years, my eye doctor has checked for glaucoma because of that. This year, my eye pressure was 15. Thank you anti-oxidants!! 8. I had a pulmonary function test on Wednesday, July 23rd. I saw my Dr. Alkujah on Monday, July 29th, and my lungs, 17 months ago, were borderline COPD, with 78% lung function. I am now considered “mild asthma.” I now have a new lease on life!! I am sure Mountain Valley Orthopedics could have made considerably more profit if I had had injections, epidurals, or even surgery. Those were all options to me by other doctors in the past. But Dr. Frederick Barnes has a novel approach to medicine. Do what’s best for the patient. Treat the patient, not the MRI. Teach the patient how to improve their quality of life, instead of throwing pills and platitudes at them. My quality of life has changed dramatically. I can do things without pain that I haven’t been able to in years. Words cannot express how grateful I am!! Warm regards always.”
– Karen F.
“I had back pain for 15 years. It was very hard to walk. I kept praying for the right doctor to help me. When I googled back doctors, his name popped up so I researched him. His schooling was impressive so I made an appointment. He knew right away what was wrong with me and he said, “I can fix that." After seeing him and having surgery, I have no pain. Everything worked out great, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend him.”
– Peter S.
“Dr. Powers is the best Doctor. He was polite, a good listener and well spoken.”
– Alberto V.
“Dr. Paglia is very professional and caring. I always feel that I am getting the best medicinal attention.”
– Richard P.
“I was at the office early. I filled out some information on an iPad. Within one minute I was waiting for the PA -very pleasant and through. Had X-rays then saw Dr. Powers. All questions answered. Very good experience.”
– Karen S.
“He's an absolutely amazing doctor and surgeon! He's great at updating me with the info needed involving my care.”
– Christine W.
“I love Dr. Barnes & Mountain Valley. Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Barnes always takes his time & answers all my questions.”
– Cindy S.
“The staff is friendly and well educated. They expressed concern every time I visited. Doctor Paglia explained everything and answered all questions.”
– Virginia M.
“Very helpful.”
– Dorothy M.
“Dr. McDonald has been very attentive and sympathetic to my situation. He has a wonderful bedside manner that is comforting and not at all intimidating. He always gives me 100% of his attention and answers all my questions. It’s been a long road and I am glad he is my surgeon and would recommend him to anyone with a foot problem.”
– Pennie F.