Celebrating National Nurses Week

Our very own, Kathy Bernard-Alvarez, L.P.N., was featured in an article published by Besse Medical in celebration of National Nurses Week.

“Always lead with love” - Kathy Bernard-Alvarez, LPN

Kathy has been a practicing LPN for 20 years and has specialized in Orthopedics for the last 13 years.

She looks at every day as an opportunity to be the best she can be. She knows that every job comes with pressure and stress and in a patient care setting this can be particularly challenging. Providing patients with the attention and empathy they deserve, while incredibly rewarding, can also be mentally exhausting.

“While I’m not the one who provides the definitive treatment, I focus on how I can contribute in ways that will make patients' journeys easier and better," said Kathy. "When I see and hear from patients how I have made a positive impact, it makes me very happy and this somehow overshadows the negative for both of us!”

To avoid burnout, Kathy tries to take everything in her stride and focus on all she has to be thankful for. Caring for patients who battle daily with their health conditions helps her to keep things in perspective.

“A friend once told me to ‘always lead with love’. I’ve tried to adopt this as my mantra. It seems to make those around me happy - and in turn me too!”

We asked Kathy about her most fulfilling moment as a nurse. As with all our nurses, she found it impossible to choose just one. 

“Every patient that is relieved of pain,” she said. “Every patient that I have been able to make smile. Every patient who thanks me for being there. The friendships I have made. The knowledge I have acquired. These are all moments that I treasure and remind me of how my decision to become a nurse is quite possibly the best decision I have ever made!”