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Average Rating: 5 (3,169 reviews)
“Dr. Powers is very caring & provides the best service, while giving special attention to the details of your situation.”
– Wanda K.
“Always a pleasure seeing Dr Barnes.He has a wonderful personality that is funny but warm.I saw him years ago when severe arthritis took me into retirement from PMC as a Respiratory Therapist.This time a large Oak Tree destroyed my new Kia.He always makes me laugh and puts me at ease.I like a doctor who does that.Never a person who likes dealing with someone who speaks little to you.I was a Nurse before a Therapist so I do understand medical terminology.Thank you Dr Barnes.”
– Cathy S.
“I must admit that Dr. Cibischino takes the time to listen to his paitents and recommend the best course of action for their condition. It is nice to know thst there are still Doctors that care about their patient. I have already recommended Dr. Cibischino to my friend as I have the utmost confidence and respect for him. Thanks again for a great experience and helping me with my problem.”
– Gregory S.
“He has helped me a lot with my Broken leg. I am Very Happy of the care I am Receiving from Dr. McDonald. Excellent Doctor”
– Rose C.
The experience I had is, as always, exceptional. I feel that I'm taken seriously and my concerns are their concerns.
“The experience I had is, as always, was exceptional. I feel that I'm taken seriously and my concerns are their concerns.”
– Gail F.
“My experience with Dr Williams was excellent. He listens to the patients complaints, gives a thorough exam and shares the plan of care as needed.”
– Christine T.
I have been treated at Mountain Valley Orthopedics several times, going all the way back to 2003, when I saw Dr. Powers in the Tobyhanna office for a sprained ankle. The treatment I received was excellent, and I recovered well within the time frame he had expected. I found him a kind and gentle care provider who knew the appropriate treatment for my problem. In 2012 I was treated for a broken heel bone by Dr. Paglia. I received the same careful treatment I had received with Dr. Powers. The heel was back in service in little time. More recently, I have had a few problems that required small surgeries by Dr. Powers. First was trigger thumb release surgery to correct what had become an extremely painful issue in my daily living. Next, he operated on my right wrist to fix the carpal tunnel pain that was interfering with doing my job. Most recently, Dr. Powers fixed the carpal tunnel pain in my left wrist. In all three cases, the surgeries completely alleviated the pain I was experiencing, and the incisions healed well, without incident. I felt and still feel very confident in the expertise and care I received from Dr. Powers. He told me the key is to do the surgery very carefully, taking time to do it right. He also explains exactly how the surgery will be done and asks if I have any questions. I've never had many questions, because of his very clear and thorough explanation of the procedure. I recommend Dr. Powers without reservation to heal your pain issues, whether for something big, like a hip replacement, to something as small as trigger thumb or a sprain. He is a caring doctor who truly listens and knows what treatment is best for your problem.
As a former disbeliever in chiropractic, I came to Dr. Kim a couple of years ago. Suffering from back pain for as long as I can remember, it was my last hope from walking around in pain and living on Advil. Call it a makeover, Dr. Kim has transformed my life where I am able to function without medication and to take care of myself. She is tough love, but if you listen to what she tells you to do, you have a chance at being able to rake leaves, shovel snow, vacuum the house and even walk a few miles. Doesn't sound like fun, to me its wonderful! The things most people take for granted, I'm able to do again. Every so often, I have to use a cane. That's when I know I did too much and need to see Dr. Kim again. She has been there for me, even through times of pure insanity! If you're allowed to call a doctor a friend, she has been that to me. Dr. Kim is one of the kindest people I have ever known and I am so grateful to know her for her caring, knowledge and experience. Thank you Dr. Kim. :-)
I just first want to say that I love the doctor, I think he is excellent. However, I waited almost an hour for my sons appointment. Unacceptable