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Average Rating: 4.95 (1,706 reviews)
“Dr. Williams has been superb! My neck surgery went exactly how he explained it would. He is a great doctor that makes you feel at ease even when you are not. Would highly recommend.”
– Richard B.
“I came into the facility with an emergency. Dr. McDonald's office staff was so sympathetic and compassionate to my condition. He stayed after office hours to see me. He took very good care of me and answered all of my concerns and put me at ease. I could not have asked for better care. He was an excellant surgeon. All of the office staff made me feel important and addressed all of my needs. My considered opinion is that they are the very best of the very best.”
– Linda S.
“Highly recommend!”
– Linda F.
“Fantastic care. No complications in my procedure.”
– Jay A.
“I broke my fibula skiing at Shawnee on January 18th, 2014. Dr. McDonald did x-rays and an MRI. He discussed options with settling and letting it heal, or operate and install a plate, which is the option I chose. He explained that I was better off with the plate, and if I do the rehabilitation, I would ski like before. I have purchased my season pass at Shawnee the last two years. I also went to Tahoe last year and just returned from Breckenridge last week. I am also a kayaker, hiker, biker, and a volunteer at Assateague State Park during the summer months. This was the third time I was treated by Mountain Valley Orthopedics; right shoulder, bicep, left knee, then the fibula.”
– Edward E.
“I broke my right hand on October 28th, 2015, and I came to Mountian Valley Orthopedics. I came in with a split cast over the arm and the doctor said we are going to change the cast to a short one that would make it more comfortable for me. The staff there made me feel so at home when taking care of me. I just can't say thanks enough. If I had to give stars, there would not be enough because you have the greatest staff of all. Thank you to all.”
– Mark W.
“I've seen Dr. Componovo about three times for knee and hip pain – most recently for hip pain. He gave me a shot of cortisone in exactly the right spot and I went home and was able to pack up my home and move to N.J. I remain pain free, so thank you, Dr. Componovo...much appreciated.”
– Carol D.
“Dr. Menio and his staff are the best!”
– Richard P.
“Dr. Barnes is incredible. It's clear he knows what he is talking about and I feel very at ease after a visit with him.”
– Neal L.
“As per your recent request, we therefore submit our comments on our visits and treatments at Mountain Valley Orthopedics and also their rehab facility. My experience at both locations by Dr. Dipasquale, no longer there. was a very successful experience considering I required and had tibia plateau surgery almost 4 yrs ago in FL and chose MVO for necessary follow up as well as 3 mo. rehab visits. Everyone remarks at my remarkable recovery. My husband required treatments for knee problems....Dr. Paglia provided excellent care and this was recently. He had also seen Dr. DiPasquale for a similar problem 3 yrs. ago. We would recommend this facility as outstanding and are completely satisfied.”
– Carol & Alfred A.